Little Adventures

Little Adventures tells the story of a curious and imaginative group of friends that love to explore and go on adventures in and around their little neighborhood



This is Bailey. You can find him looking into the clouds dreaming up adventures for him and his friends. He also loves celery, very much.




 This is Buster, he goes wherever Bailey goes. He likes to run and jump, or roll and dive into anything he can find (puddles are his favourite)



This is Peter who loves reading and solving problems. Unlike Bailey and Buster, he is a bit quieter but also much more practical




Leo is a natural born leader, or so he tells everyone. To be fair, lions are good at most things but he can be a bit bossy sometimes


This is Frankie and like most foxes, he is smooth and charming. He is a bit of a mystery and shows up in many unlikely places




Toby is Buster and Bailey’s biggest fan -- and especially likes to suddenly show up in the middle of their adventures 




Pip is Peter's little brother. He has a name of course but nobody remembers. He tries to be Peter's sidekick but only when he is allowed to




Phill loves to nap in the shade but when he isn't you'll find him chewing on bamboo. Luckily he lives in a bamboo grove




Benson isn't actually related to Buster even though everyone assumes otherwise. He is a gentle giant and tries to help out when he can